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Somehow every day is the same.

Every morning the same process.

At work always the same people and conversations.

You come home with your shoulders hunched – always at the same time.

Almost like a deja-vu.

And that every day.



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It’s a bit like the movie „Groundhog Day“.

Did Bill Murray feel in his never-ending loop like you do?

You are stuck in your everyday life, in your habits and you think:

It can not go on like that because life should be more than just O.K.


But how do you get out of this loop?

Easier than you think.



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Here are 10 Life Hacks for you, which you can implement in 1 minute and which can have a big effect on your everyday life.


Lifehack # 1: Live in the here and now.

Are you the type of person who can do everything at once?

Can you eat at the same time and currently learning and clarify all organizational matters?

But does that really have to be?

Our everyday life is so busy and stressful that we can not concentrate on one thing anymore.

But we can only experience something properly if we do it consciously.

If you eat, then chew and fully enjoy the taste, the texture and the aroma.

Are you talking to a person you care about, then put your cell phone aside or put it to silent.

That’s the only way to gain something from the time together.

Even at breathing, you should take your time to breathe in and out.

Try it.

You will be alive and feel more relaxed.


Lifehack # 2: „What’s the worst thing that can happen?“

How about a trick with a completely different look at criticism, rejection or perhaps your own failure.

A trick that helps you to move forward in small steps.

Sounds good, right?

Here’s the trick:

Ask yourself every time you’re uncomfortable doing something, or you may even be scared:

Next time you have a lecture or talk to an audience, imagine the worst-case scenario: Your audience could laugh at you.

That’s it.

No fires, no deaths, no environmental disasters.

Just a few laughing people who do not have the courage to speak in front of others.

You are invited to a meeting where you do not want to go?

Then just say that you do not want to.

Imagine again the worst that can happen:

Your friends may be saddened that you are not there, but that’s not why they’re breaking your friendship.

You’ve been in love with the pretty girl in your circle of friends for a long time, but are you scared to get a basket?

What can really happen to you?

Will she shoot you?


Will she slap you?


Will she run away howling?


In the worst case, she tells you, „Let’s be friends.“

So what?

There are 1000 other beautiful women in this world.

This little trick applies to almost any situation in your life.

So stop worrying, get out of your comfort zone and finally start living!


Lifehack # 3: Look at the feet of people.

Have you ever wondered what the people around you think about you?

Did you want to join a group of people and you did not know if you were even wanted?

Or did you want to address the interesting man at the bar and in the end just did not dare?

You could collect a basket …

In one of these situations, without exception, each of us will have already found ourselves.

To get an answer to all these questions is, „Look at the feet.“

Yes, you have already understood correctly:

Look closely at where a person’s feet are pointing.

The body language of a person never lies.

Show the feet on you, he/she wants to talk to you.

If his/her upper body is facing you, but the feet are not, he/she really only wants to leave quickly.

The feet of a person always point in the direction in which he/she actually wants, whether to a person, the toilet or the coffee machine.



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Lifehack # 4: Live with the 2-minutes rule.

David Allen wrote about the 2-minutes rule in his book „Getting Things Done“.

This rule says, „Do anything you can do in less than two minutes right now and schedule anything more than two minutes later.“

Do you receive an e-mail or a call and you know you might be able to complete it within 30 seconds?

Let’s go.

This way of working helps you to organize your day better:

Smaller tasks are deleted right from your head and you have room for bigger and more important things.

It would be much more elaborate to write down everything you can do in less than 2 minutes and remember it all the time.


Lifehack # 5: Prepare everything.

We are always want to do something soon:

„I’m doing sports tomorrow.“

„From tomorrow on I will eat healthier.“

„I’ll read more from today.“

The list could go on forever.

But what do we really think about that?

If things go well, we will manage to stick to our plan just once.

If any.

But how can we counteract this?

Very simple: We prepare everything.

If you want to read more, put a book on your bedside table, or even better on your pillow.

Do you want to do more sports?

Pack your sports bag and prepare it so that the next day you only have to reach for it and start right away.

Do you want to eat less fast food?

Pack your meal for the next day the night before:

Breakfast, lunch, snacks in between.

If you have your food with you, you will not even be tempted to buy something unhealthy.

If everything is already ready, you do not have to rely on strong will (that leaves us quite gladly, if it depends).

If you ever lie in bed and have the book next to you, you’ll read it too.

But who would stand up for it again, if you have already cuddled up?


Lifehack # 6: Always look to the future.

Are you in the process of making an important (or not so important) decision?

How do you make your decision?

Are you writing a pro-contra list to see which option suits best?

Do you decide from the gut and just look what happens?

Or do you decide with a realistic view of the future?

Each decision should tell you what your goal in life is and what your decision for the future will bring.

What should the end look like?

Weigh how each option can affect your future and then make your decision.

It takes you 30 seconds longer than the „out-of-the-belly decision“, but you’re finally on the safe side.

And who knows, maybe this method will save you from one or the other stupidity.



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Lifehack # 7: Sleep 8 hours a night.

Sleeping only 5-6 hours the last 3 nights … and you’ll notice that with every breath.

You have a worse mood, you can not concentrate, you are easily irritable and you consume coffee almost intravenously.

The problem with sleep is that we often consider it as an option – a point on our to-do list that is usually less important than any other.

But in fact, our sleep affects our well-being, our health and above all our mood and productivity.

What does that mean for us?

We have to sleep enough.

Actually, we all know that.

But how do we practically implement this?

This is where the 1-minute life hack comes into play.

Walk around your house at 9 o’clock in the evening and turn off everything that somehow makes or illuminates sounds:

Computer, TV, Radio, etc.

If you are not living in a palace, it should all be done in a minute.

Prepare for the night so that you are in bed at 9:30 and you have already fallen asleep at 10 o’clock.

If you wake up at 6 o’clock, you will have your 8 hours of sleep.

The important thing is that anything that can distract you must be shut down in advance.

Otherwise, you’ll have trouble falling asleep even if you’re already in bed at 9:30.

Apply this method tonight.

Good night and sleep well…!


Lifehack # 8: Run around the world with a smile on your face.

In principle, we just have to smile for 60 seconds at a time (preferably all over our face) to „laugh“ all our problems away.

You now think, „How am I supposed to laugh when I’m in a bad mood or stuck in the shit up to my neck?“

It’s not about laughing sincerely from the bottom of your heart.

It’s about imitating the mouth movement while smiling.

Through the movement, the laughing muscles deceive your brain in a good mood and thus trick your thinking.

After 10 seconds, your joy hormones have eaten all the other hormones that cause you worry or make you angry.

After 60 seconds you will feel as if today is the most beautiful day of your life.

The underlying principle is quite simple:

Motion creates Emotion.


Lifehack # 9: Stimulus and Reaction.

After a stimulus is always followed by a reaction.

In between are only a few milliseconds.

One yells, the other screams back – a reaction, as if by the push of a button.

But do we always have to react that way?

Can we not be master of our feelings?

Stephen Covey writes in his bestselling „The 7 Ways to Effectiveness“ that we can decide for ourselves how to respond.

Between stimulus and reaction lies a small space that offers us the opportunity to make a decision.

We only have to use this room.

How does the whole thing look like?

If a stimulus comes, we do not react immediately.

We artificially stretch the space by taking 1-2 seconds and thinking about how we react.

During this time, we realize that we do not have to get upset.

Now it just depends on us:

Do we want to get upset or choose a reaction that will change the whole situation?


Lifehack # 10: Be attentive.

And not just in relation to others.

Be attentive to your own thoughts.

Your thoughts and feelings come from your brain alone.

What you are feeling and thinking is not you.

So if you are nervous or feel rejected, then realize that these thoughts are not coming from yourself.

Also, when you speak negatively to yourself, stop immediately.

If you’ve done something wrong, do not say, „I’m such a loser, I did not make it again“.

With that, you only harm yourself.

Try to analyze and build yourself.

Tell yourself, „This was going differently than planned and I realize that this is shameful for me.

It hurts, but it will pass after some time.

It does not work if you push yourself down.

Say to yourself, „I’ll just do it better next time.“

And then use Lifehack # 8.

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That was a lot of stuff now.

Our tip for you:

Pick just one lifehack out and implement it immediately.

We decided on a lifehack and implemented it before we finished writing this blog post.

And yes, that decision changed our lives in less than a minute.

Now it’s up to you.



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