Even if you are happy, solo and love the freedom:

Some people still like to give you advice – and that’s nerve-wracking!



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1. „You also will find someone else…“

Oh, thank you!

I thought that I would stay alone forever.

Of course, I will find a partner.

But it should not be anyone.

That’s why I wait for the right man, even if it lasts six months or five years.


2. „You’re so pretty, I do not understand you’re solo.“

Probably a serious compliment.

Nevertheless, completely out of place.

That sounds like my character is to blame for my single existence.


3. „Maybe you should screw down your claims?“

Does that mean that I have to put up with the fact that he is indeed a successful and independent man, but cheating on me all the time?

Or do I have to expect that although he is a loving man with the same interests, but still leaves the laundry to his mum and probably at me some point?

No thanks!

Just to finally get someone off, I certainly do not screw down my claims.



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4. „Do you not feel lonely?“

Yes, sometimes.

But that has nothing to do with the fact that I have no partner.

Now and then it’s just like that.

Sure, sometimes you really want that one person on the side with which you can watch and bleach about Reality-TV-Shows, start a burp marathon or wake up with coffee in the morning.

But there are other means of solitude:

Family and friends, affection, fun and hobbies for example.


5. „You can not look for the right one, he will come when you do not expect it.“

Does that mean that I can finally stop the long search for the right one?

Stupid that you bring this valuable tip only now – I have wasted so much time.

Now that I’m no longer actively seeking:

When can I expect him?

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6. „You will never find the perfect partner anyway.“


The prince with golden mane and full lips on the white horse, who puts the world at my feet, do I not find?

Does that also mean that I will not own a castle and he does not buy me a new piece of jewelry every day?!?


7. „You should never show them how intelligent you are, it will deter.“

Do I really want a partner who finds me stupidly better?

Worst advice. Ever!




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