In real life, we want to live „to the end of our days“ with a partner and we want to have a happy and long relationship, then that means adhering to certain rules of the game.

Daily routine is usually the result.



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We have put together 8 tips that can bring along relationship back to life so that the butterflies in the belly turn somersaults again.


1. Taking review together of a long relationship

Even couples who have a relationship for a long time should never give up hope that something else can change in the partnership.

The partners should tell each other their wishes because clairvoyance can neither of them.

It is important to take the time to answer the following questions:

What do I like about the partnership?

In which areas are my ideas fulfilled?

Which wishes are open?

What would I like to have differently?

How exactly should that look?


2. Compliments are important in a long relationship

Unfortunately, a long relationship also means that over time you accept everything as given and normal – without praise for the partner.

However, if the loved one does not do something the way the partner imagined, it quickly hails criticism and allegations.

Thus, with time, more and more negative feelings arise towards the partner.

The better you feel in the relationship, the more successful and happy the relationship is.

A compliment or praise almost always causes a positive feeling in others.


3. A long relationship through pampering evenings

The partners are alternately responsible for this special evening.

The responsible person has to come up with something for the evening that he knows the other person likes.

For example, at a candlelight dinner, the other’s favorite dish can be cooked, share their favorite music together, or take a walk to the get-to-know place.

The decisive factor is not that the planner likes to do it, but that the partner feels comfortable.

Both of them actively endeavor each other around and can build positive emotions again.



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4. A long relationship through dates

In the phase when we are in love, we spend a lot of time making ourselves attractive to our partner.

In this early period of the relationship, the partners have dressed beautifully, applied perfume and styled the hair.

In short, they have prepared themselves.

To escape the daily routine, it can be very exciting to make a date with your partner again!

The tingle is guaranteed to come back.


5. A long relationship through romantic weekend

A long relationship gets new momentum also through short romantic weekends.

Just get out and let the daily routine behind you without children.

The best way to book a nice hotel with spa services, book a table in the restaurant in the evening and spend a lot of time together.

A change of scenery often works wonders.


6. A long relationship through a common hobby

Common interests promote the „we belong together“ feeling.

To have a happy and long relationship is a common hobby just the way.

In this way, the partners have a task that is not a commitment yet linked to the one or the other.

Laugh together and have fun strengthens the partnership.

To combine good mood, you want to do more of that.

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7. Talking properly together in a long relationship

A „debt list“ with allegations against the others and pent-up old rage permanently burden the relationship.

There is little room left for positive feelings.

In order to have a happy and long relationship, negative memories should „clear out“.

For this action, a time should be chosen best when both are relaxed and in a good mood.

Even if the emotions boil over, both partners should try to stay calm, because allegations lead to nothing.

They should remain objective and express the feelings in the first-person form:

„I am disappointed, sad, offended that … I imagined that …“.


8. Maintain friendships in a long relationship

Even if you have a long relationship, you should continue to pursue your own interests.

In this way, you stay interesting for the partner and also have something to tell.

Each partner needs his freedom to develop.

Couples should allow themselves this freedom.

Of course, trust is very important here!

For a partnership to continue after the first sight, both partners must be able to receive the positive things and live with the weaknesses of the other.


Again, it is good to develop rituals to cultivate love.

It should also be made clear that it is quite normal to get angry about the partner from time to time and not to be good at talking to him.

Trust and the feeling of having arrived can only grow if you no longer idealize the partner, but see him and accept him as he is!



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