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A look at the current cover of the relevant fitness magazines leaves no doubt:

Beach Bodies and Sixpacks are still in high season!

If you open the magazines to find out how to turn your out-of-shape body center into a „sexy-summer-belly“ until your beach vacation you will not miss an exercise:

The Crunch!

For many people, crunches are still the best remedy for a flat stomach and a strong midsection.

The myth persists – whether on YouTube, fitness blogs, in magazines or in the training area in the gym.


Because crunches are neither effective nor beneficial to health and certainly make no flat stomach – basically they are a waste of time!


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Here are 5 reasons why you can confidently throw the exercise class out of your exercise program:



The good news: We do not have to train ourselves on a six-pack, each of us already has it – only we know how to hide it well.

Whether or not the abdominal muscles are visible is decided solely by the overlying fat layer.

So if you want to present yourself with the coveted washboard, you have to do one thing: Reduce Body Fat.

Isolated abdominal training is definitely the wrong way to go.

The muscle group is just too small to burn much energy or boost our metabolism.

In addition, the crunch is just 20 percent of the abdominal muscles active.

If you want a flat, well-toned stomach, you should prefer to use complex exercises that involve as many muscle groups as possible (such as deadlifts, squats).

Of course, the diet also plays a decisive role.

Not for nothing, it says: „Abs are made in the kitchen!“

The most important training tool on the way to the six-pack is thus a useful filled refrigerator.



A stable body center is the most important basis for any form of exercise and physical performance.

Exercises to improve core stability must not be missing from any training plan.

But here too crunches are not the first choice.

Why not?

From an anatomical point of view, one might think crunches would be useful.

By flexing the upper body, bring approach and origin of the superficial abdominal muscles closer together and there is a contraction.

So far so good.

Unfortunately, the abdominal muscles are not trained in their most important function: keeping the upper body together with the back muscles upright and stable.

The body core becomes more stable only when the abdominal muscles are trained together with the back, hip and buttocks muscles.

In the crunch, the straight, superficial abdominal muscles work single-handedly and literally forgets the communication with their most important neighbors, which in turn favors the development of back pain.



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Many of us spend most of the day sitting down.

The many hours at the desk are not without consequences: the shoulders hang forward, the back is round and the cervical spine moves forward.

We are sitting like a „Cat-hump“.

A posture that is neither pleasant nor very aesthetic.

If you look at the sequence of movements during crunching with critical eyes, the following is revealed: We pull ourselves into supine position against the force of gravity into the cat hump.


We want an upright, proud posture, but do an exercise that does the opposite.

In addition, crunches can negatively impact our discs by repeatedly preventing the upper body.

Leading back experts confirm the unwanted effects of the abdominal exercise on our spine.

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Why are crunches so popular?

The secret of the belly classic lies in the good feeling it conveys to us without us having to exhaust ourselves completely.

We lie comfortably in a supine position (preferably in a „belly roller“) and sometime after the umpteenth repetition, the belly begins to burn.

That’s right.

But only there.

Otherwise, it will not burn anywhere (maybe even in the neck).

We are not really out of breath, nor do we have to go to our physical limits.

Crunches therefore give us the feeling of achieving something without having to leave our comfort zone.

But just because it burns in the muscle, it does not mean that the exercise is effective and that the belly fat melts.



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Whether you want to lose weight, want a six-pack, improve posture or relieve back pain – crunches are not effective.

With a few exceptions: For martial artists who need to bring their upper body quickly in a bent position with certain protective postures, the crunch can certainly be a useful exercise.

Only those who purposefully worsen their bad posture should continue to make crunches.

For all other goals, there are significantly more meaningful and effective exercises!

Ask your personal trainer, he/she is happy to help you!



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If you are looking into ways of how you can become fitter or how you can lose weight in the next 3  days, this article may be of interest to you.

It gives 3 notes and tips to help people to successfully lose weight and more importantly to keep this weight off in the long term.



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A lot of people have many issues with their own weight and they have had tried many different weight loss programs and diets.

They have lost weight but then after only a short period of time, they would put all of the weight back on again.

Do you know this scenario?


There comes a point you have to decide to try to reduce the amount you weight yet again but that this time the fat would stay off.

You can read lots of books on the subject of fitness and dieting and you can decide to follow some of the advice which you have learned.

Or, you write down all of the reasons why you will trying to lose the excess fat!

This is very important as it would be a constant reminder of what you attempting to achieve and also about why you attempting to achieve it.

It will give you a huge motivation to stick to your weight loss plan.

An advice to anybody who is looking to solve a problem to write a similar list as it proved to be very beneficial.

On your list, you can write about how you want to look and feel stronger and fitter.

This will help you get self-confidence and self-esteem which is often fairly low.

On you, too?

When you have enough of feeling ashamed of your weight and fat belly, then do it.

If you will walk down the street and feeling proud and assured.

If you want to lose weight to avoid all the health problems that being obese can cause, as people become older.

We all hope to live until a ripe old age and enjoy our retirement.


Next on your list should be about the clothes you wear.

Maybe you are not able to buy the clothes you really want to, as they do not really suit a person of your build.

Look at other people and be impressed which clothes they wear and start realising that they are a lot of thinner than you are.

The clothes may look impressive on them but would not look the same if you wore them.


Maybe you want to lose weight in order for you to look more attractive to members of the opposite sex.

Being overweight you are sure to have a bearing as to why you have not exactly been a stud in your life, well it is your excuse anyway.


The last reason on your list should be about your general level of fitness!

For example, maybe you have played football and you were a regular in the school football team.

That was years ago when ever you had played recently before writing this list, you have been out of breath after only about fifteen minutes.

This can be quite a shock for you and make playing the game far less fun and enjoyable.

Write about how you would love to regain your fitness so that you could participate in this and other sports.

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Once you have written your list, you will then read it on regular occasions and it would help you to keep motivated.

It will not be an easy road, however, you eventually manage to obtain a weight that you will be happy with it.

And at the end, you will be pleased to know that you have also been successful in keeping the weight off this time around.


In conclusion, if you are thinking about or hoping to lose some weight, then a recommendation is to write a list of reasons why you are doing it.

Keep these ideas in mind and if you start to be tempted by that fatty food, quickly read your list to remind you why you should ignore your temptations and you will see your first results within the next 3 days.

Good luck!



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grauer blazer weißes hemd professional männlich

Many people feel they need professional help for losing weight!

If you’re one of them, you’re not alone and you can find that help if you know where to look.

The first and most obvious place is at your doctor’s office.

Ask him or her about the best and safest way to lose weight.

Your physician should give you a healthy diet plan to follow or one for you to use as an example, to start eating better, so you can shed some pounds.

Your physician will probably be thrilled to hear that you’re ready to take your health in hand and lose some weight.



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You might be tempted to ask for help losing weight in the form of diet pills and weight loss medications.

This is a valid way that some people lose weight when they can’t seem to do it alone.

Ask your doctor if this is a good option for you.

Your doctor will know your medical history and your current health and be able to advise you in which medications might be an option, or explain why you shouldn’t bother taking the medicine.

Don’t be discouraged if your doctor is against the idea of prescribing weight loss medicine.

Millions of people have lost weight without taking pills or using other aids, and so can you.


Other professional help for losing weight that you can find besides your doctor could be a counselor or psychologist.

While this isn’t an often recommended step in losing weight, for some people it can be an important one.

Some people have trouble losing weight because they eat compulsively, and very often this has roots in an emotional or psychological cause.


It’s very difficult to eat healthily or even just stop overeating if you have emotional triggers that cause this compulsive behavior.

Talking to a counselor or a psychologist can help you get to the root of what’s causing your eating problems, and put one step further down the road to healing yourself emotionally while you’re getting healthier.

Your local health department or hospital might offer you help losing weight through various programs about nutrition and exercise.

Ask about their different programs.

Most people who run such programs are happy to talk to you about them and help you get started on the right track.


If you can afford it, a visit to a nutritionist or dietitian can really offer you help losing weight.

These experts on food, eating and nutrition can put together an eating plan that’s designed to be right for you and the foods you eat.

Never more will you have to worry about finding those exotic ingredients in that popular diet plan.

They’ll use your food choices and modify them into a healthy diet that will let you lose weight.

You’ll know it’s safe and healthy if it comes directly from an expert, rather than a “guru” who wants to sell a diet plan.

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A few visits with a personal trainer can also offer you help losing weight by ensuring you’re exercising correctly.

As you have read professional help for losing weight is a viable option for everyone who is willing to seek it out.

Don’t hesitate 6 months! Get the help you need during 60 minutes.



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person küche zeigen feier menschen zusammen

Knowing what to eat to lose weight is one of the keys to successful weight loss that lasts.

A sensible diet that is both contents rich with nutrients and has good taste is one that is easy to stick to and will create the weight loss results you desire.

Sometimes choosing a diet with food selections that aren’t good may be a way to lose a little weight but it’s not one we will stick with because we don’t like what we’re eating and we tend to not be committed to the diet as a result.



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Understanding what to eat to lose weight involves having access to good nutritional information such as a diet plan or diet program that spells out what you should and should not eat.

Many foods that taste good are not good for you and in order to lose weight you have to eliminate those foods from your diet.

Some foods that have a little taste but low calories and stimulate your metabolism can be cooked in a manner that makes them taste great and you can eat more of them so that you feel full and satisfied with your eating.



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If you are unsure what to eat to lose weight and you need to start losing weight to get in shape, you should consider going on a diet that described the foods you need to eat.

You can also consult with your physician who will tell you what to eat to lose weight or will refer you to a nutritionist who will take the time to explain not only what to eat to lose weight but the portions of those foods to eat, when to eat them and what type of weight loss you can expect.

When you begin to learn what to eat to lose weight, it can be a good feeling in more ways than one.



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Your body will start to release the unwanted fat stores, your metabolism will speed up and cause more fat to burn, you will notice your clothes start to fit better and will become too loose after awhile and equally important, you will start to feel good mentally.

This last aspect of your mental state of mind can be the result of knowing what to eat to lose weight and eating those healthy and good tasting foods on a regular basis, which directly affects a natural good feeling.

Eat_Diet_Lose Weight

The benefits of knowing what to eat to lose weight speak volumes for themselves.

Getting in shape and losing unwanted fat from your body is the biggest benefit in the world.

This lets the world know you value the appearance of your body and want to show off a nice shape.

So when you know your preferred 7 things to eat to lose weight and you take the time and care to eat those foods regularly you can expect your weight loss program to be a long lasting success that you can be proud at all times!

And see your first results after 7 days.



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