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If you surf online for a few days, the Internet seems to be a multimillionaire community.

It seems everyone earns $ 10,000 a month by using a simple, guaranteed system without a crooked finger.

Forget it!

If they really make that much money, why are they using the hype and spam they send?

The truth is really, that the Internet is one of the best ways to earn money from home.



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Let us point out a few myths about online business being distributed via the internet…


1. Everyone is successful!

The Reality:

If so, they would all be rich.

The internet is a goldmine of possibilities, no doubt about it.

But it is like any other possibility:

Some people will succeed, others will not.

The internet only gives you the opportunity.

You have to grab this opportunity and use it.


2. Place a website on the internet and sit back!

The Reality:

This is one of the ridiculous lies ever told.

There is no money to earn.

It is not possible to pay a few dollars for a 24-Hour website and be successful from day one on.

You have to work hard and learn a lot.

Throw a website on the internet, sit back and do nothing.

Then you harvest exactly what you have sown:




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3. Some possibilities can make you rich immediately!

Someone emailed us that he had already earned $ 2000 on the first day.

The Reality:

Maybe, or maybe not.

Most people involved in such „opportunities“ only hope that they can make so much money.

Often they gain an advantage by joining other people.

So you!?

Remember the old adage:

If it’s too good to be true, that’s usually the case.


4. I just have to build a downline and earn from their sales!

The Reality:

Maybe… but better doubt it.

Many people jump in and out of these opportunities very quickly.

Most do not earn money.

The fact is, the only person you have complete control over is yourself.

You can not force others to learn the market online.

You can not force people to work hard for you for a certain number of hours a week.

Our recommendation is to focus on the income you will earn.

Of course, support your downline and if they make some money, then that’s extra money for you.



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5. You must be an HTML expert to build a website!

The Reality:

HTML is easy to learn and there are many books and lessons on the subject.

Two popular books on the subject are „HTML and CSS“ by Jon Duckett and „A Smarter Way to Learn HTML & CSS“ by Mark Myers.

Both are available for example from amazon.com or at the local bookstore.

There are also many lessons on the internet or Youtube.

You can also use a „WYSIWYG“ editor.

WYSIWYG stands for „What you see is What you get“.

It’s an editor that lets your website create pages without having to know anything about HTML.

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6. You have to learn and do everything yourself!

The Reality:

It’s good to know a little about everything if you have a small business from home.

But if there is something you can not do, ask someone or hire someone.

It sounds blunt, because who has money when you start?

If you have a question or problem, consult with entrepreneurs or post your question in the guestbook.

One way to find an affordable professional is to hire a freelancer or someone through your network.


7. The more affiliate programs you use, the more money you make!

The Reality:

It’s best to focus on few options, otherwise, you’ll spread too much.

Start with a chance and work with it until you’re satisfied with your progress and then add a second.

Multiple income streams are a great advantage when doing business on the Internet – but safely and gradually.

It is better to have 2 or 3 products that make a profit, as have 20 with no profit!



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Affiliate marketing is the easiest way you can start right away to make money online because that really does not require any investment – at least for starters.

As an affiliate, you simply register with a company for example such as Amazon as a partner in the Amazon affiliate program and you can now earn a referral fee for every product that comes with Amazon.



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Amazon will configure you a personal affiliate link that recognizes that a person has placed an order only through your referral and you will receive a commission from your Amazon account.


The cool thing is:

Whether books, electronic articles or travel accessories, on Amazon, you can really recommend any product, whether to your friends or to strangers on the Internet, for example, when they read your blog or follow you on Social Media Networks.

Of course, affiliate marketing only becomes really lucrative if you’ve also built enough blog readers, followers or contacts in your email list to appreciate your product recommendations and then they buy through your affiliate link.

The best proven are the Affiliate Marketing „One Time“ or „Limited“ OFFERS, as everyone likes to save and seizes the opportunity to use an offer.

Of course, there are also a thousand other companies where you can become an affiliate and also much more lucrative.

Meanwhile, there are hardly any online shops that do not offer you to become partners.

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What you can do is to recommend all possible online courses of the big online marketers for example via www.clickbank.com and in some cases, you can get up to 50% affiliate commission which can be a lot of money.

So, start your own blog now and build an Affiliate Marketing business.

Go for it!



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Getting more website traffic is one of the most frequent things that supports most people back again from ever reaching a good income online.

When you see it the success of any web business really boils down to how much traffic that you will get.

Without people approaching to your internet site you won’t make hardly any money!

Read more…



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die stopper kommunikation rotlicht autos fernlicht

Ok, you have a cool domain name and a nifty looking site, but how do you plan on getting visitors?

For most people, building a web site is easy.

Even a 10-year-old can add all the bells and whistles.

But for some reason, getting people to visit your site often proves to be a little more difficult.

In fact, it’s not at all unusual for a web site owner to never receive a single visitor and soon give up any plans to have a successful site.

So how can you boost your website’s traffic?



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There are a few quick ways to get traffic for a very minimal cost, but one of the first things you should do is setup a website stats system that will allow you to track where your visitors come from.

„It’s important to know what pages your visitors will be becoming from to visit your site.“

„Otherwise, you won’t know what works and what doesn’t work“.

So with that out of the way, for now, let’s look at some ways to get traffic.

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Here are 4 quick tips to get you started:


First of all, you can use the Pay-Per-Click (PPC) method.

Google Adwords, Yahoo Search Marketing or Facebook are the most popular PPC search engines.


Second, you can get free traffic by marketing your site through organic search engines.

The major players are Google, Bing and Yahoo in that order.


The third way to get traffic to your site is through various methods of posting links to your site around the internet.

The top methods of choice for this is contributing useful information to message boards and writing articles.


Finally, we’ll discuss an often overlooked method of traffic generation, which is eBay and Amazon.

You can look all day long, but you may not find a larger, more laser-targeted source of traffic at such a low price.

Try these 4 quick tips to get more traffic to your website in 5 minutes!




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5 Techniques To Get Increased Website Traffic At Low Cost

BLOG_Make Money Online_Website Traffic

Whether you have created a website for your business or your website is your business you need people to actually view it in order to get your return on investment.

But how does one do this?

Well, like anything out on the Internet there is no „one size fits all“ solution for your website.

You need to employ a multi-pronged attack in order to get more traffic to your website.

Hopefully, we will show you how to dramatically increase the traffic to your website using these simple yet effective techniques.


The first technique is to actually pay for advertising for your website.

This can be done using such services provided by Google, Bing or Yahoo where you pay to have your website listed in their sponsored links section when a user searches for a key term.

This will get traffic to your website almost immediately!

Always refine each campaign to see if you can maximize the return on investment for each time you place ads on these search engines.



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The second technique is to write articles and content.

Have content on your website that pertains to the products and services you are selling.

Make sure you check your website logs to see what terms people are searching for and then make sure you write about those topics.

Do not have enough time to do this yourself?

A good way around this is to use a freelance service such as Fiverr.com or Freelancer.com





You could even partner up with a student at a local college or university to write the articles for you.

The student would benefit by gaining the valuable experience and would gain writing samples for their portfolio.

This is by far one of the most effective techniques of gaining traffic to your website.

You must also make sure you publish some articles to those syndication sites that will allow other website owners to benefit from your experience and knowledge.


The third technique we would recommend is to submit your website to the top three search engines.

These search engines include Google, Bing and Yahoo.

By doing this you will get increased traffic by users searching for content that you have developed using the above technique.


The fourth technique is to partner up with someone else on the Internet that is selling similar complimentary products.

Exchange links with these partners in order to increase your rankings on the search engines.

Be careful who you partner up with and make sure they are reputable in the field as you are attaching your name to this person or company and what they do could adversely affect you as well.



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The fifth technique is to find newsgroups that pertain to your products or services and participate in the conversations.

Try not to oversell your products or services as you will most likely be banned from them and really create a bad impression for yourself.

Rather, only answer the questions that people ask to make yourself the true expert in the field so that people will visit your website.

Website Traffic_Notes-and-Tips.com

While not the only techniques out there for driving traffic to your website these are some of the most effective techniques that will help establish your website as a true leader in the field.

These 5 techniques are low cost in order to get people to visit your website!